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Colorful Paintbox Crochet Blanket


This colorful Paintbox Blanket consists of 9 squares. Combined, they form a very beautiful and colorful blanket. The blanket can be used as a play mat or bedspread, it all depends on how big you make individual squares. The pattern prepared by Heather (Patchwork Heart) is one of the prettier and simpler crochet patterns. Below you will find a link to the pattern and blog, where you will find more inspiration.

Colorful Paintbox Crochet Blanket

Colorful Paintbox Crochet Blanket

Pattern designed by: Heather (Patchwork Heart), Suggested yarn: Stylecraft Special Double Knit,

Paintbox Blanket Colorful Crochet Inspiration

This pattern is available for free. Visit designer website: Click here!

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